Why Should You Advertise on Billboards?

With a multitude of advertising options available to the business owner, how can you decide which will work for you? Whilst each option has its pros and cons; the main factors you should consider are:
Why you want to advertise? Do you want your brand name out there or would you like more sales?
What are you selling; a product? Or a service?
What is your audience? Do you have a specific demographic in mind?
What is your budget; per month or per year?
When you have the answers to all these questions, you can decide what route of advertising you’d like to take.

The Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Billboard Advertising Are:

1. Constant Presence:
One of the biggest benefits of Billboards is that your brand is constantly out there..24X7..It does not stop! Television commercials end, flyers, print ads get thrown away; but a Billboard is there day in and day out.
2. It’s Impossible to Avoid: On an average, Americans spend up to 60 hours on the road each month. That’s a lot of driving time. And most people pick the same routes over and over again. So your product or service is literally “in their face” every time they drive by. It’s getting subliminally imbedded in their minds; because they can’t turn the channel so to speak.
3. New technology with Endless Design Possibilities: With the use of Digital Billboards, the designing possibilities increase multi fold. You can stay abreast with the current trends and use them to your advantage.
4. Flexibility and Cost effective: Billboard advertising by and large is one of the most cost effective avenues of advertising out there. Most Billboards, if we take exposure into account, cost less than pennies per 1000 people that see your ad. Print and other ads just can not compare to these numbers.
5. High Frequency and Flexibility in Targeting: Most drivers will pick the same routes to their destinations time and again, making your billboard visible several times a week. You can use this frequency to your advantage when choosing a location for your Billboard. For example, if you would like to target a certain financial demographic, choose affluent neighborhoods; or if you’d like to target students; choose routes to and from local Universities and Schools.